Why Natchitoches?

Enjoying Friends in the Historic District

Whether for a weekend or a lifetime, you’ll enjoy everything Natchitoches has to offer. The natural sensations of a clear, fresh southern morning offer an invitation to life like no other. Particularly when it’s drawn in the heart of the south land. Here, in an area steeped with tradition, sunrise signals the awakening of a particularly unique community spirit. A spirit that embraces people and potential with a quality of life unmatched in America.

This is Natchitoches, home of the oldest settlement in the Louisiana Purchase, yet one of the newest and most promising locations for people who truly live the ideal of working together to achieve the best for the future.

Natchitoches with its perfect blend of heritage, tradition, culture, natural resources and innovation is Naturally Perfect.

The Natchitoches area is home to over 40,000 people. However, each year tens of thousands of visitors call us home while visiting our colorful parish.

Our residents enthusiastically share the fun and excitement of treasured historic sites, gala festivals, celebrations and other area events.

In all, many come, some stay, yet none leave without knowing the meaning of the message that says, “Natchitoches is Naturally Perfect”.

The area around Natchitoches is blessed with abundant natural resources. Hundreds of thousands of acres of rich timber and farmland is cross sectioned by scenic streams, rivers and lakes scattered over a versatile terrain featuring flatlands framed by gentle rolling hills. Commercial, industrial, and residential property abounds in the environment through the years of development and foresight by both the Natchitoches area forefathers and modern day professional planners.

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