Fishing in Natchitoches Parish is an enjoyable experience with many fishing areas from which to choose. Whether you want to stay close to Natchitoches or venture into the outer lying areas of the parish, there is a place to drop your fishing pole.

Fishing - Kisatchie BayouThis area’s wildlife, bird watching, canoeing, and swimming in one of the parish’s clear fresh water rivers or slow moving bayous attract campers. Trapping, fishing and hunting are available in the many rivers, streams, bayous and lakes. There are 129,174 acres of Kisatchie National Forest contained in Natchitoches and Winn Parishes.

Fishing and hunting licenses may be purchased at certain retail establishments or parish sheriff’s offices. For additional information, contact Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries at (888) 765-2602 or on the web at

Natchitoches fishing spots

Cane River Lake

Sibley Lake

Outlying areas in the parish

Kisatchie National Park

Black Lake

Clear Lake

Saline Lake

Saline Bayou

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