Historic Cemeteries

The American Cemetery

“The American Cemetery, is considered by many historians to be the oldest cemetery in the Louisiana Purchase. The American Cemetery contains graves that date to colonial times. Buried within its grounds are war heroes and villains, doctors, politicians, educators, a former mayor who was murdered and a plantation owner who had numerous children with a slave whom he set free by the time of his death.” – The American Cemetery- The Oldest Cemetery In The Louisiana Purchase And A Shrine To God And History, by Payne Williams

In Natchitoches’ oldest preserved cemetery, visitors will find the names of those families who pioneered Natchitoches: Prud’homme, Lambre, Cloutier, Roquier, Buard, DeBlieux, Sompayrac and others.

Catholic Cemetery

Location – 5th St Natchitoches

Jewish Cemetery

Location – Martin Luther King Drive (formerly Lee Street) Natchitoches

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